How do I get Smartsheet to update all dates in project when I change Start date?

Working on year long TI construction schedule and start date is constantly changing due to contract negotiation reasons and others. Having all dates auto update by changing start date will save a lot of time. Thanks!


  • TKeller
    TKeller ✭✭✭

    Hi Kris, I have achieved that in my sheets. We have quarterly classes that we put on, but the steps and timeline are all the same. I achieved this through the predecessor column.

    The instructor enters their class date in the green field (that is Row 17) - so I use "lead and lag" rules to populate for each week's set of tasks. 17SS -4w simply means, look at row 17, use a Start to Start rule, minus 4 weeks (so 4 weeks prior to class, these items need to be complete. Then 3 weeks prior, 2 weeks prior, etc. It automatically calculates the timeline based on the class start date entered at the top. You can even do this for after class. For instance, if you have things to follow up on a week after that date, then would use 17SS +1w.

    I created a template, and any time they have a new class, they start with that template, enter the class date, and they are off and running.

    Hope this helps!