How to Create a Cutover Plan


Hi All,

I figured out how to create a cutover plan. Here is how to do it.

You need 4 columns:

  • start time (text/number) - the first row you manually put in the time in military format. In the second row put in the following formula: =[End Time]1
  • duration (text/number) - put in the number of mins the task will take
  • end time (text/number) - put in this formula: =ROUNDDOWN(Minutes@row / 60) + ":" + RIGHT("0" + (Minutes@row - 60 * ROUNDDOWN(Minutes@row / 60)), 2)
  • minutes (text/number) - this column will be hidden when you're ready to use the cutover plan. Type in the number of minutes so that End Time equals Start Time. In this example 1020 equals 17:00. So in row 1 put in the following formula: =1020 + [Duration (in mins)]1. In row 2 put in the following formula: =Minutes1 + [Duration (in mins)]2

You're all set. Just copy the formulas down, and as you put in the duration the End Time for the current row and Start Time for the following row will be automatically calculated.