Counting and Dates

Sarah Zimmerman
edited 08/27/20 in Smartsheet Basics

I've created a complicated cross-sheet formula that is supposed to count any number of inquiries I have in a specific month. So, basically, the formula is supposed to count anything in Range 5 (named "Inquiry Date") and calculates the date, entering the total on a separate sheet. So if I have 4/3/20 in any cell in Range 5, it will count it in April so that I can look and see that we had 5 or 30 or however many inquiries in the month of April. I hope that makes sense. I am trying to pull all of this information on a dashboard.

I'm not even sure how to begin to approach this but this is what I tried:

=COUNTIFS([Inquiry Date], @cell <> "", = APRIL(TODAY(30)))

It returns as unparseable.

I've also tried:

=COUNTIFS({Media Tracking Range 5}, @cell > DATE(2018, 12, 1), {Media Tracking Range 5}, @cell < DATE(2018, 12, 31))

This isn't unparseable but it doesn't count anything. All it shows is 0.