Need help with a VLOOKUP and MATCH formula

Hi there,

I confess I get so lost when it comes to formulas. I've read through various community discussions and help pages, but for some reason I just cannot get the logic of creating a formula.

In sheet 1 I have a column for "Freelancer." In sheet 2, I have a one column for the "Freelancer" and one column for "Payee," which is how we should make the check out to the Freelancer. For example, Bob Smith is our Freelancer and the Payee is "Bob Smith Enterprises."

In sheet 1, I want the Payee column to auto-populate based on the information in sheet 2. So, in sheet 1, when someone enters "Bob Smith" as the Freelancer, the Payee column should auto-populate with "Bob Smith Enterprises."

I'm fairly certain I need to use the VLOOKUP and MATCH functions, but I keep getting unparsable errors. This is what I tried:

=INDEX(Freelancer):(Freelancer), MATCH({Payee Lookup}@row, {Freelancer Lookup}:{Freelancer Lookup}, 0))

In which:

Freelancer = the Freelancer in sheet 1 (e.g., Bob Smith)

Payee Lookup = the Payee in sheet 2 that should auto-populate in sheet 1 (e.g., Bob Smith Enterprises)

Freelancer Lookup = the Freelancer name in sheet 2 that should match to the Freelancer name in sheet 1 (e.g., Bob Smith)

I know I'm way off, but I just can't figure out how to fix this.




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