Row - Column limit


Can anyone tell me about latest row - column - cell limitations of each sheet in smartsheet please?




  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    A sheet can contain up to 20,000 rows, 400 columns, or 500,000 cells (whichever limit is reached first).

  • Nasir@EBC
    Nasir@EBC ✭✭✭

    Wow... that's quite a lot!

    Thanks Paul.

  • I am actually having an issue where 400 columns is not quite enough... I have a form with a lot of potential inputs and logic with formulas to process the inputs, reaching 392 columns very quickly, and when I tried to add more, I ran out of space. I feel as if I am forced to use more complicated/larger or more creative formulas to do the same things without using so many columns. Honestly, I'd like to have a higher column limit.

    My form sheet has two variations on a similar form one with 29 questions and one with 35 questions, giving a total of 64 questions that take up space on the sheet. Each question has to be able to accept 4 additional pieces of information, in addition to the question response, depending on whether they answer "yes" or "no". The form also needs 5 pieces of initial info from the user. This means the data entered could occupy as few as 34 fields or as many as 180, in the worst, most unrealistic scenario. However, the other columns still must be in the sheet, just in case the user selection requires those columns... The 29 questions version of the form requires 29*5=145 columns. The 35 question version of the form requires 35*5=175 columns. Add the 5 mandatory, initial fields and you get: 145+175+5=325 columns (minimum, just for user input).

    Now I have room for 75 columns for formulas which is not a lot considering most formulas will need to calculate a value on a by-question/by-field basis, meaning even for just one formula per question, this will occupy an additional 35+29=64 columns, leaving only 11 remaining columns... Hopefully this demonstrates that however 400 columns is usually a huge number, in some cases, especially large or complex forms, this is not that high of a limit.

    If anyone has any suggestions please let me know, and also,...

    this is not exactly Smartsheet related, but I tend to crave more open-ended abilities with less limitations that I sometimes experience with Smartsheet, and this ability is basically what programming allows you to do... does anyone have any programming language or tools, etc. recommendations that would allow me to have a bit more freedom to develop larger and possibly more "algorithmic" sheets/applications? I have a good programming foundation, so I am very interested about learning something in this territory to take our company's digital potential to the next level.

    Thank you