Automation Condition Timing

tvetter ✭✭✭
edited 09/03/20 in Smartsheet Basics

I've got a sheet that is essentially a list of tasks. The users complete a task, upload an attachment to the appropriate row, and mark the task complete on the row.

I have automation set up to send an alert (including the attachment) to certain people after the task is complete. The logic is based on the attachment (i.e. once an attachment is added, if "Completed" is not blank, send alert).

My question is this: how fast is that condition checked when the automation runs? Or I guess, how soon is the automation run after the attachment is added?

We've been testing it, and it seems to send the alert even if the "Completed" field is marked after the attachment is added (which is good for us).

I assume that if too much time elapses between the attachment and the field being marked complete, the condition will come back false and not send the alert, and I'm just looking to figure out how much cushion we should have.

I understand that it would be best to mark it complete, then upload the attachment, but I can't guarantee the users will always do that.