How to calculate values in a row?



I am just new in smartsheet, how can I calculate values in a row ?

Please help.

Thank You!



  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Julius Benn Sabeniano

    To reference a range in a function, you want to list the first column name and row number (ex- [Column One]1)

    Then, put a colon and reference the last column and row number (ex - [Column One]1:[Column Three]1)

    Now, if your calculations will always be in the same row as the range, instead of saying 1 or 2 for the row reference, you can use something called @row to tell the formula just to look within its own row (ex - [Column One]@row:[Column Three]@row)

    It looks like you want to have an Average... try this:

    =AVG([Column One]@row:[Column Three]@row)

    I'm not sure what you want to do for the "count", does this indicate a SUM of the values? If so, try this:

    =AVG([Column One]@row:[Column Three]@row)

    Once you have these formulas in one cell, you can use drag-fill to bring that same formula down through the whole column and it will create these calculations per row. Keep in mind that you'll need to replace your column names with the ones in your sheet.

    Let me know if this has answered your question! If not, it would be helpful to see a full screen capture of your sheet with the column names/types, but please block out any sensitive data.



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