I am trying to come up with a formula to count all lines in a schedule that have a specific persons name in the "Assigned To' column and if the "Past Due Tasks Alert" flag is raised. Please keep in mind that there could be numerous names in the "Assigned To" column .

My current formula that I have doesn't seem to be working. The results in my summary sheet for the formula below is "0". It should be 2 based off my table above.

=COUNTIFS([Assigned To]:[Assigned To], CONTAINS("Mackenzie Williams", @cell), [Past Due Task Alert]:[Past Due Task Alert], =1)

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  • Kim Michael
    Kim Michael ✭✭✭✭
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    Solution found! Thanks everyone. The winner for today is

    =COUNTIFS([Assigned To]:[Assigned To], FIND("Mackenzie Williams", @cell) > 0, [Past Due Task Alert]:[Past Due Task Alert], =1)