help to run holidays for all our staff

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Hi all

I need some help, im trying to use smart sheet to run holidays for all our staff.

I have a main source sheet for all the staff where all the calculations are taking place. i then have separate department sheets running with booking forms. I want to introduce a booking pin to avoid spamming. This would have a file pin on the main sheet and a section on the form to enter it, it then looks up if they match via v lookup.

Problem i have is that if i have any sort of reporting for the department heads so they can check resource you can access all the columns by double clicking the entry so if left unattended any one could get some one else's pin. Obviously i can hide them on grid or gantt but you only need double click a card to see all the column entries again.

i was wondering is the a formula i can use that will cover the pin but still check it correct or is there a way of even sending to another sheet and deleting the columns that aren't needed for resource.

Im open to any sort of solution where the pin does not appear in the bottom picture via formula, automation as im going round in circles and keep hitting a new wall every time.

thanks in advance


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  • i can't say thank you enough. literally made my day. thank you.

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