MS Teams asks me to log in on a daily basis

Sander Bots
Sander Bots ✭✭
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Each time we are accessing Smartsheet via MS Team we have to log in again. It will than remember the credentials, but the next day it starts all over again. It's giving the following message:

Please log in to your smartsheet account to access this published item.

Is this a known issue and is there a solution for it? It's quite annoying having to login so many times.


  • Sean Morgan
    Sean Morgan Employee
    edited 09/15/20

    Hello @Sander Bots

    I was using Teams yesterday, and then again today to realise I too was required to login.

    In addition to this, I was unable to find any bugs or related issues with this. I feel this may be either be related to caching or security.

    You may want to reach out to our Support to confirm if this would be related to either of the above mentioned possabilities, as well as to confirm if this behaviour would be related to Smartsheet, or Microsoft Teams.

    Kindest Regards


  • Brad Jones
    Brad Jones ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Same problem here.

    Every time I close Teams, I must log into SS again. SUPER irksome.

  • Steven Evans

    I have the same situation too even with SSO enabled (okta)

    I'm going to test out Azure AD as IDP in addition, as I assume the web browser tab within teams would have access to auth.

    @Sander Bots - do you have SSO enabled out of interest?

  • rogermanwaring

    I am also experiencing the issue.

    If I use the Teams webapp it's a slightly less annoying experience: it tells me I need to login but at least it doesn't make me re-enter my credentials every day.

  • viktoriaoverkvist

    I have the same issue and would be amazing with some sort of solution to this. Maybe a "keep me logged in" option?

  • Going on four years and not apparently resolved.

  • TJS

    Just adding that I'm experiencing the same thing. Hoping for a solution to this.

  • thisveryday

    My organization too experiences this. We honestly don't use Smartsheet as much for this reason alone.

  • Julieann

    I am experiencing the same thing, but I am logged in so its just not showing my sheet within a dashboard a created but the form is there, please help resolve this issue

  • HousingCat

    I am also facing the same issue with being prompted to log in each time I enter Teams in order to access integrated Smartsheet items within Team channels…

    Does anyone know of a meaningful work around?

  • d.karantzounis


    Also the same.
    The strange thing is that the first post was 4 years ago…..

    Any ideas?

  • Isaac A.
    Isaac A. Employee Admin

    Hi everyone,

    After closely reviewing our documentation, it seems that setting the Access Control to "Only available to users in the owner's account" within the Desktop Client can result in a login loop that people sometimes can't get out of. This is a known bug on Microsoft's side.

    To resolve this issue, you can:

    1. Publish with Access Controls set to "Available to anyone with the link" OR
    2. Use Teams in the web portal instead.

    You can find more information on this here: Microsoft Teams Sign-In Loop.

    If this doesn’t describe what you’re experiencing, please capture a screen recording and contact Smartsheet support through the portal. Additionally, note that this issue could be related to your account security settings for being logged in and out.

    I hope this information helps!




  • Dan Sienkowski
    edited 06/03/24

    @Isaac A. ,

    I don't think your resolution is related to this issue.

    Here's hopefully a better description of the problem:

    1. In Teams, add a Smartsheet tab (linked to a dashboard, sheet, or report) to a team.
    2. Open the Smartsheet tab: It prompts you to Log In and then Allow access.

    3) After allowing, the dashboard/sheet/report now loads.

    4) If you have more than 1 Smartsheet Tab in Teams, you can, as expected, switch between them without going through the login process again.

    5) Smartsheet & Teams will continue to work without issue until you quit Teams or restart your computer.

    6) IF YOU QUIT TEAMS OR RESTART YOUR COMPUTER: The next time you open Teams and try to load a Smartsheet tab, you have to go through Step 2 again.

    7) I've replicated this over and over many times back-to-back by quitting and re-opening Teams.

    Per your instructions above, I checked and I do already have the "anyone with a link" enabled

    Neither Teams-on-the-web nor the Teams mobile app experience this issue. Only Teams Desktop is affected.