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Adjusting Lane Width & Card Height in Card View

Justin Bastin
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hello!  Is it possible to adjust the width of the lanes or the card "height" in Card View?  I am currently working w/ 4 lanes and would love to adjust the width of each lane, thus allowing more detail to be shown.  The ability to adjust the "height" of each card would be helpful as well...thanks!


  • Tony Coleman
    edited 01/31/17

    No way to size them that I've seen, but you can add upto 9 fields for the cards to show via this option box at the top right of your card view...


  • Justin Bastin

    Thanks Tony, and that is a nice feature.  My organization is attempting to move our "manual" Continuous Improvement Boards over to Smartsheet.  Many of our improvement suggestions are very detailed, and can vary in length.  The boards will be displayed on monitors throughout our various locations, and was hoping to be able to size the card/lanes to show the employee's complete suggestion.



  • Kent Vaughn
    Kent Vaughn ✭✭✭✭
    edited 03/03/17

    I'm surprised this one didn't get more attention.  Card View is great, but if you only have a few lanes, SmartSheets really wastes the real estate horizontally.  


    For me Horizontal Control would probably be the priority as Vertical control is more based on Card face content, but still woudl be useful to be able to set a Max Vertical size if desired. 

  • mkaltenborn

    It sounds like this can't be done at this time. It needs to be fixed, or all text entered as a subtask should be word wrapped and displayed. Right now it's a pain.

  • JayWalker

    Has this been addressed? It is still an issue for me... 

  • John.Kerr

    Does anyone know if this is done or even looked at from Smartsheet?  I need the ability to show 3-5 lanes on wide screens and so far I have a lot of wasted space.  Thinking of moving to a different platform if I cannot get smartsheet to adjust column widths.

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