create a workflow with the "Trigger when rows are added or changed"

pena cola
pena cola
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I am trying to create a workflow with the "Trigger when rows are added or changed", it 'll copy rows to the destination sheet, I've created the following sheets below, some time the rows are moved way below on the destination sheet instead of moving to the last row of destination sheet, any better way to work around or there's a simpler approach to solve it.


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    @L@123 Thanks for the tag.

    @pena cola It sounds like the issue is not with the automation but with the destination sheet itself.

    When rows are copied/moved via automation (as well as entered via form), the data goes to the next UNUSED row which may or may not be the next EMPTY row.


    If your last row containing data is row 5 and you select the cells in row 5 and delete the data it will show as blank. The problem is that the row is still used, so forms/automations would insert the new data into row 6 since even though 5 is blank it has still been used.

    Instead of removing data, you need to remove the row itself. So instead of selecting the cells and hitting "delete", you would use the row menu to actually delete the row.

    Deleting the blank rows at the bottom of the sheet and letting SS automatically add those extra 10 at the bottom should resolve this issue.