How to get a value from a precedent task in a project ?


Hello everyone

I have an issue with a formula in a metric sheet. Here is my use case : I have a sheet with a project, divided into 5 tasks. For each task I have a column "value" with a different value. I only put the value of a task when I finished the task : I call it "real value".

I want to have the following information for "theoritical value" : the theoritical value is the value of a task that is not completed, and it's value is the real value of the precedent task.

So if I have 600 in task 2 that is finished, and I am in task 3 that is in progress, the theoritical value of task 3 should be 600, until I put a real value when I finish the task 3.

Do you know how I could get the value of a precedent row, because I made a SUMIFS formula but the formula only verify criterias and sum values on the row of the actual task ?

Thank you very much !

Have a great day,