Attachments in Alerts


Hi there,

We wanted to send a standard email alerting someone with the info from the sheet but also include attachments. These attachments would be standard for every alert. I know we could attach these to every line, but that seems like unnecessary work when we want to attach the same attachments to every alert.

Is there a way to add attachment to the alert email itself irrespective of the attachments on the line?



  • Jennifer Greenough
    Jennifer Greenough Overachievers Alumni


    The way we have gotten around this is to include a link to our knowledge management system (we use Box) in the alert. It does require an extra click but ensures that everyone gets the correct information, even if it is updated.

    Another option you could try would be to include a comment and associated attachment on the sheet (rather than the row) and then use the new feature to link back to the sheet. This option could cause confusion for users who are not overly familiar with sheet-level comments and attachments.

    I'd be interested in alternative solutions!


  • Christina Riley


    We could try the link but we want to make sure the people receiving the document actually open it, and they may not open it if it's a link, but that may be our bandaid solution. I wish smartsheets would let us set standard attachments to alerts.


    Wow I have noticed that since 2019 this issue has been noted and now in 2021 continues to be an issue. Smartsheet continues to suggest to use the "update request" but this causes confusion and if you need to send to several recipients that don't need to make updates this step never makes sense. Smarsheet please fix this.