Combining IF Formula - Is This Possible?


Hello, I'm working on a formula that will trigger a status of "complete" based on a Task Reviewed column.

=IF([Task Reviewed]5883 = 1, "Complete", PARENT())

I am trying to combine the formula with another one that will trigger the same status as the parent row when the cell above it is complete.

=IF(Status5882 = "Complete", PARENT(), "")

The end goal is to have the priority cascade to the next row when the task has been reviewed. The due date and task assigned check box are triggered based on the priority, which is based on the parent row and the time between column.

Can someone let me know if this is possible to have my cake and eat it too? Thank you!


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  • Alex Beaupre

    @Kelly Drake Thank you so much! That worked like a charm, but only seems to work for one parent / child relationship... We manage a variety of projects on the sheet, and each task is a child to the parent (project) row. As soon as I copy the formula to another project and set the task order, the formula no longer works.

    I've tried both keeping the task order consistent (1-50 for each task for each project), as well as having a unique task order for each task. Neither seem to do it.

    Wondering if there is a work around for that, or perhaps I'm doing something incorrectly. Here's a larger screenshot of what we've got going on. Again, appreciate the help.

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