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Hi Team ,

As part of Program of Work sheet for a project , i have created a task which is a collection is set of sub tasks that can be completed if only the subtasks has been completed .However ,i am facing this issue where in my end task completion date gets auto filled as even if the only one of the sub task activity is completed .Please advise how this can be rectified :

For Example Below

COLUMN 3 AND 4 : Planned Start Date and Planned End Date

COLUMN 5 AND 6 : Actual Start Date and Actual End Date

The Coloum 6 Of the Main Task shouldnt be populated until the 2 sub task has a value/Date in Column 6

Hope i can have assistance to the below .



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  • Hi @David Joyeuse

    I had the dependencies parameter set incorrectly .The formula now works as it intends.Thank you very much

    However my main tasks reflects the status as completed ,though all my subtask are not completed ,and due to this task completion status is not true .How can we make sure that the Main task end date is populated /updated only once all the sub tasks is completed .Image below as reference

  • David Joyeuse
    David Joyeuse ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Jameel Nahas

    What is your formula in the complete column?

  • Hi David ,

    This is the formula that i have for the complete column

    =IF([Actual Start Date]15 = "", "Not Started", IF([Actual End Date]@row = "", "In Progress", "Completed"))

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