Using custom value for auto-number in primary field.

Scott S
Scott S ✭✭
edited 09/28/20 in Formulas and Functions

I read an old post that said use =[Row ID]1 to copy an automated sequence number in to the field specified. I want more that than just 1,2,3. I would prefer V00001, V00002 etc.. to increment for each new row. Is that possible?


  • David Tutwiler
    David Tutwiler Overachievers Alumni

    You could do:

    ="V" + [RowID]@row

    This will give you V1, V2, V22, V100. If you want leading 0s you'll need to do a bunch of connected IF statements (I think) to check for how big the number is. An example of the start of that formula would be:

    =IF([RowID]@row < 10, "V0000" + [RowID]@row, IF([RowID]@row < 100, "V000" + [RowID]@row))

    etc, etc

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