Backing up of Workspace does not back up all sheets

I run a schedule to backup workspaces but I never did a test to see the data.

Today I did the test and downloaded the backup of the workspace. I found that only a 3 out of the 15 sheets were in the Zip file.

Is there something I am missing?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @David Jazz

    Are the other sheets actually Reports? Reports and Dashboards are not included in Backups (see here for more information).

    If you can confirm that the other items in the workspace are indeed sheets and should have been included at the time of the backup request, please contact our Support Team (through this form, here) and provide them with screen captures as well as workspace names and other relevant information (for example, does this happen with other workspace backup requests, what if another user requests a backup of the same workspace, does this happen with one-off requests or with the weekly recurring scheduled backup).



  • Thank you,

    I have reported it as per your request

  • Bee Ng
    Bee Ng ✭✭✭

    Hi David,

    Not sure if you found what you needed, but if you are using the standard backup solution, you may have discovered that it lacks certain functionality, and has some limitations. For example, the backups are all in Excel format, and you lose a lot of sheet information. Also, there is no way to schedule a recurring daily backup, etc.

    If you need more than that, then you may want to check out SmartBackup from AcuWorkflow. SmartBackup creates full-fidelity backups of your sheets, including all data, formatting, cell links, formulas, attachments, comments, forms, and automation rules, etc. This means you can easily restore any of these sheet elements, and you are not limited to when you can take backups - you can schedule daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or any frequency - and you can choose to backup all your sheets, or only recently changed sheets.

    It also includes an Archive function, and an Export function - these save copies to your local drive, but go further than the standard backup function, and also allow you to export attachments as well, etc.

    You can download the free Starter Edition to test and evaluate, or you can purchase the full Business Edition here:

    Hope this helps.