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Smartsheet VERY slow



Our smartsheet is very slow and our reports do not update.


Please assist.




  • Smartsheet is currently experiencing issues with loading and saving in the application.


    We have another discussion going in the community on this: https://community.smartsheet.com/discussion/smartsheet-connection


    Check out our Status page for the latest information from our Operations team on this issue: http://status.smartsheet.com/



  • OAP
    edited 07/24/17

    Smartsheet is VERY slow - Especially if you use Formulas - we had a sheet built for us using several Paid For design desk sessions by Smartsheet and when we tried to use it the sheet ground to a halt

    We were told that it was a Browser issue - too many formulas for the browser

    Rebuilt it in Google Sheets and no issues - works very smoothly so the issue appears to be with Smartsheet

    BTW they have refused to refund the design desk sessions used to have the sheet built

    Hundreds of $$$ down the drain 


    It also appears to be slow periodically on different computers with different browsers


    - we never experience those issues with other software especially sheet systems like Excel and Google Sheets


    - seems like there is some kind of known issue with smartsheet that they dont want to talk about??

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