Adding a row via a form is acting differently than adding a row directly to the Smartsheet


I have a Smartsheet that is a list of contact dates, with multiple entries per person contacted. There are First Contact rows and Followup Contact rows.

 I have a form to enter the data.

I enter the names into a column that is currently set to a single select drop down, but is not restricted to dropdown values. The column is not locked.

 When we enter a row, via the form for Followup Contact, we can select a name from the drop down list and the row is added as expected. This is good. And it is necessary to have a drop down list, so that the names get entered with the same spelling, time after time.

 When we add a First Contact row via the form, we cannot enter a name that is not a value already in the dropdown list, even though we do not restrict the column to dropdown values. We used to be able to do so. However, if we go straight to the Smartsheet and type a name into that column, it will let us add the new row.

 It seems like adding a new row should be the same regardless of our adding it via a Form or typing directly into the Smartsheet.

Thanks for any help.

Teri Ann Oursler, DVM