Jira Connector // Is it possible to sync the flagged status


Hi all,

we are using the Jira connector to sync multiple projects from Jira into Smartsheet to make an overall prioritization here. The teams working mostly in Jira are using the flagging function to mark items which need to be discussed in the overall prio meeting.

Is it somehow possible to get those marked items from Jira also highlighted in Smartsheet by adding a flag here in the corresponding column?

Thanks for sharing your experiences or workarounds!

Cheers, Julian


  • Will Sargent

    Hi Julian!

    You sure can do that!

    Flag columns can be controlled from Jira by setting up a single select field type in jira, and using the values true and false.

    This will sync to smartsheets, and set the smartsheets column to a flag type.

    And you will be all set!

    The same strategy can be used with other symbol columns in smartsheet, if you set the jira field value to the text value that represents that symbol.

    As far as the actual flagging function in jira, I think you will need to set an automation that copies changes to that flag to the single select custom field for sync with smartsheets.

    This is one way to set flags in smartsheets, there might be others.

    Hope this helps!