Form Logic Function Disabled

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I'm on Individual Plan, have been on this plan since 2018. Last renewal was on November 2019.

We were enticed to use Form Logic and we jumped into it with much enthusiasm.

Suddenly in September the Logic Function is disabled requesting us to upgrade.

When we queried this we are told that it was temporary on Team Plan and Legacy Individual Plan.

I don't even know what Legacy Individual Plan is. Never purchased any Legacy Plan. My account shows that I have Individual Plan....where they get the idea that I have a Legacy Plan is a mystery!

In a string of emails no one can explain why this function is disabled and requires upgrade. All they keep saying is referring to this unknown Legacy Plan.

Now here's the kick: On the 8th May 2020 I purchased another Individual Plan. The Form Logic is functioning on this plan even today. I asked for explanation how is it that the Form Logic is functioning on this Individual plan and not on the other Individual Plan and no answer is provided.

So, I have 2 Individual Plans, one requires upgrade for Form Logic function while the other has an active Form Logic function.

Somebody help me understand this, I've tried the support people. 5 different people from support insist that I must upgrade. Mostly their response is a copy and paste with links for how to upgrade with no attempt to tell me where they gather the information that I have a Legacy Plan. I'm not even sure why they keep mentioning Team Plan while they have access to my account details.


  • Sean Morgan
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    Hello @director62476

    Although I am unable to discuss any personal account information here, what I can say is that certain plans created before 2019 were classed as Legacy Plana.

    The features for Legacy(Before February 2019) vs Non-legacy(After February 2019) will differ, and certain users may prefer their original Legacy Plan thus not being automatically upgraded to a Non Legacy version of their plan. See more on the discontinued plans here:

    Although hard to tell, you may want to contact our billing department, and have them make the necessary adjustments. You can do this here:

    Kindest Regards


  • Susan Alexander (CO)
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    Did you ever get a response to your issue? Was it ever resolved? I am apparently having the same issue, however, I can't get anyone at Smartsheet to respond to my ticket (submitted over 2 weeks ago on January 17) or answer a phone or return a voicemail or email.

    This is not the level of service I've come to expect from Smartsheet.

    Any help would be much appreciated.