Controlling Drop Down Options with Logic?

edited 10/05/20 in Smartsheet Basics

We're going to send a form out across our enterprise asking recipients to prioritize their top 4 choices and we want to restrict them to giving only four answers.

Right now the user only gets to provide a second choice once the first choice has been selected and so on up until the fourth option after which it stops.

What I'm wondering, because I know I'm going to be asked, is if once a project has been selected from the drop down, can it be eliminated as an option from the ensuing selections?

My thoughts are that this is a little elaborate for the process today. But like I said, I know somebody up top is going to ask.

If somebody has another option to achieve the same result I'd love to hear it.

Many thanks in advance to anybody who can help.


  • M Underbrink
    M Underbrink ✭✭✭✭✭

    Not possible at the moment. Best option is to add four columns with the same options and have them select for their 1st through 4th choice. It won't prevent them from selecting duplicates though.