Calendar view using the REPORT feature.


I like using the calendar view when using the report feature. My issue is that when I click on the item in calendar view (from the report), it shows me ALL columns from the source sheet. I would like to see ONLY the columns that are selected from the report builder. I am using the report feature to pare down the amount of information that my employees have to sift through when providing me with the info I need to feed back to the source sheet, but when they open the task (from calendar view) in the report and and see ALL columns, then it defeats the purpose of paring down the information for them. I can pare down their view in grid view, but not in calendar view.

Is there a way to open the line item in a report from the calendar view (which pops up a webform), and see ONLY the columns that are selected for that report? If so, then my employees can enter info into the report using the webform that pops up from calendar view and submit their portion of the data more easily.

Hope that all makes sense.

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  • M Underbrink
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    Hey @Sarah_lee123 !

    Unfortunately, you need to purchase the premium Calendar App to gain that level of feature granularity.

  • Kevin Smith
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    Hi, I know this is old and closed but I had this challenge and I wanted to share how I resolved it. It may not work for everyone because it makes an assumption that the data you want to show is just for showing and not editing AND there are limits to links.

    I made a new grid that linked to the grid I wanted to display but I didn't want to use the Primary col and I didn't want to change the PC. I made the new grid (cal grid) with the PC that I wanted and linked to the cells (col.) from the main grid. Then I linked any other cells that might be relevant. I made a report from the the cal grid and set it to Calendar view. It now shows the column I want to show and the Primary col is not used at all. You could also concat. and of the columns to show something different if that would be helpful, the point being that the new grid points to the first grid but has a new PC. I hope that helps someone.

    I have not tried it yet but I am curious if you publish the report as view only, would it even pull up the edit dialog box? If not, then that works if you want to show none, otherwise you might be able to use the solution above and just choose the col. you want, but then you cannot edit them unless you do some pretty fancy look ups etc. Not sure I would recommend that. Hope that helps.

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    Happy to help if I can.

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