Proofing a PDF - possibility to enter a page number

Good evening, the new PROOFING feature is really powerful.

I've got a PDF with 80 pages. The reviewer has a problem on getting the right pages.

It would be really helpful to be able so select a specific page e.g. 50 or 63 as used in ACROBAT READER oder other DTP applications.

Actually I can only scale a PDF.



  • Hi @Alexander Klapfer,

    I'm the product manager for Proofing, and thanks for the kind words! So to clarify, you would prefer to enter in a page number to navigate there instead of just scrolling?



  • Hallo, people is used on ACROBAT comments. It should be similar.


    //=> scrolling is OK

    //=> insert page number is missing

    //=> it should be possible to set a CHECK, like this issue isDONE

    //=> It should be possible specially for long documents to filter OPEN and DONE comment issues

    Actually I'm using this feature more and more and it's amazing, compliments ! Great developement !

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