Close details pane in Dynamic View at save

Kristin Stoddard
Kristin Stoddard ✭✭✭
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My users are finding it cumbersome to have to manually close the details pane in Dynamic View after they record information and Save. They are also concerned that the data may not have actually saved. Is there a setting I can adjust to force the details pane to close when they hit save? It seems like an oddity that it does not do it automatically.

I don't see a way to disable the details pane from popping up in Dynamic View. We are using a report in the DV specifically for filtering data and thereby do not need the details pane. Is there a setting I am missing?


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  • Kristin Stoddard

    Thanks @Genevieve P. I thought so but wanted to ask the experts! I'll go ahead with that enhancement request.

    Have a wonderful day!