Workflow Automation - Approval Request - Notifications are not being sent AND column indicator is no


I'm hoping someone can look at this and tell me what I'm doing wrong.

I have a form that collects time off requests from employees.

I have configured an automation to then collect approvals, deliver notifications, etc.

When I create these workflows I have always plugged my name in to test and proof every step before going live. However, for some reason I have made a change and all of a sudden 1) the notifications (both in smartsheet and email) are NOT being sent to me and 2) the sheet column is no longer changing to "submitted."

Below are screen shots of:

1 - my personal settings notifications

2 - automation master permissions settings (sheet is not shared to anyone yet and i'm only using my name/contact in the workflow)

3 - screenshot of the approval workflow

Thank you!!

Amanda Gann