Row Copying Issue


I have a sheet, and in it there's a VLOOKUP to another sheet. I set a Copy Row Automation so that when the vlookup cell is filled, it should Copy the Row.

I setup the Wrokflow like this:

  • Trigger: When a Row is Changed
  • When: <Field> Changes to Any Value
  • Run Workflow When Triggered

So, everything pulled into the sheet correctly via the VLOOKUP, but the Automation didn't trigger. I manually made an update to that field (the vlookup field it was pulling back was wrong), and THEN it triggered it to Copy the Row.

Any thoughts on a different way to set this up or what I did wrong? I thought about changing the Trigger to: When Rows is Added or Changed, but that shouldn't matter - I don't think that'll fix it. The only thing I can think of is maybe doing it on Modified Date, with the other field as a Condition??

As always, any help is greatly appreciated.


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