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Hi everyone,

I have one problem I'm trying to solve for the last couple of days.

If you look at a picture below I have some group of preparation tasks and I have two delivery. Preparations in booth deliveries can have the same dependent tasks from preparation group of tasks. I´d like to attach somehow tasks form a bottom group to Preparation for delivery 1 and 2 and to show progress on those ones.

By using predecessors I'm not solving the problem since it will not show progress and start/end date as a sum of all depended tasks. 

Simply I´d like Preparation for delivery 1 and 2 to behave the same as if I put directly under them as child tasks, tasks from preparation group of tasks.


  • Purnima Gore
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    Are you able to show us what you want to see as a result. I am sorry but I don't understand what you are trying to get to, so if you could provide the dates that you are getting now in an image and what you want to get to that might be easier for me to work on?

    Many thanks


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  • Hi Cierr,

    thanks for answer. Here are some sample.

    So I´d like those 2 rows (preparation for delivery) to act as linked tasks are their child tasks

    % should be caluclated based on % from tasks, dates should be start date when first tasks starts and end date when last one end, duration is for all tasks to be completed

    Here is how it can be done by using just task/subtask structure but in real huge project Ill need to multiply tasks soo many times since there are lots of dependencies. So Id like to create one bucket of tasks and link for actual preparation. Maybe it not looks logical on this example but for real project it´s best option if possible

    Hope so its more clear, pls let me know if you have more questions

  • Eric D
    Eric D Employee

    Hi @Davor Dumeljic


    It sounds like you'd like to reflect those % Complete and Dependencies for tasks not nested directly beneath the 'Preparation for Delivery' tasks. I'd be glad to assist with this. Currently, when Project Dependencies are enabled, the level of nesting or hierarchy dictates those (avg)percentages and completion dates that roll up into the parent rows.

    If you will, please fill out this Enhancement Request form to provide your feedback to our Product Team on this request:


    There is a possible way to show average % Complete by use of formulas. Below, I've created an AVG column next to the % Complete column that averages the children and another task in a different hierarchical section. The formula is AVG(CHILDREN(), AVG8):


    One other suggestion may be to simplify your level of nesting and perhaps use the Status column to describe the state. See also in the screenshot above where a value for 'Preparation for Delivery' is used in Status instead of creating the parent section of the same name.


    For more information on the topics above, please check out our resources below:

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