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John DeLeon IVJohn DeLeon IV ✭✭✭✭✭

For the teams that use Procore (Project Financials/Project Management), how are you deciding what to use Procore for vs. Smartsheet. Is anyone using Smartsheet sync to integrate Document Management or Scheduling in both platforms?



  • Fantastic question, John! Fellow Construction group members - this topic of conversation came up during our Construction Roundtable last week, but there weren't many Procore users in John's small group.

    Please share your insights, even if just a sentence. I know many of you must be using both Procore and Smartsheet, so please don't be shy.

    Stephanie Viers, Lead Customer Success Manager - Construction

  • @John DeLeon IV we just got a query from @Ryan Kinder in a different thread regarding Smartsheet/Procore. Ryan is currently using both at his company. He might be able to provide insight into how they decided to split what's done in Procore vs Smartsheet and where there is integration.

    I also want to re-post @Ryan Kinder 's original question as I think it's a good one for this community group.

    From Ryan: "My company uses Smartsheet to create its construction schedule that is then uploaded to Procore. However, there are some problems with the integration of the two. To upload to Procore the schedule has to be exported as a Microsoft Project file (.xml) and then it can be uploaded and processed by Procore. The problem is that Procore is not recognizing Baseline and Actual Dates properly. Baseline dates are put into Procore as general start and end dates and leaves the Baseline field blank. Then actual start dates are filled in automatically by Procore because it assumes the actual start and end date is the same as the general, despite whatever might be entered for this filled in Smartsheet. These are crucial to keep track of and I am wondering if anybody knows how to get the proper dates to work with Procore? I have attached a picture of the schedule column layout in case that is in some way affecting it, and what it looks like in Procore."

    @Chris Mondeau replied with: "I haven't personally connected any of the schedules with Procore, but you might reference these links from Smartsheet ( and Procore ( for their schedule syncing.

    This would also be a great topic to bring up in the Construction User Group @Stephanie Viers ("

    Stephanie Viers, Lead Customer Success Manager - Construction

  • ShelbyShelby ✭✭✭✭✭

    My company is looking for ways to integrate Smartsheet and Procore for smoother workflows. Does anyone else have experience doing so? I'd love to see more posts on this thread. 😁

  • Laura BellLaura Bell ✭✭✭✭✭

    My company would also like to learn more about integrating the two programs also.

  • @Shelby and @Laura Bell I'm pushing for us to focus on Procore at an upcoming user group and have some of our customers share how they integrate, but in the meantime since we aren't getting a ton of responses on this thread, I'll have your account managers reach out to you with more info.

    Stephanie Viers, Lead Customer Success Manager - Construction

  • ShelbyShelby ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Stephanie Viers

    Thank you. I'd also love to attend the user group webinar. Is the webinar open to everyone?

  • @Shelby Yes, it's open to everyone. Here is the registration link:

    This one likely won't cover Procore, but we're hoping the next will. I still encourage you to attend this one though!

    Here's our page where you can see all upcoming user groups by the way:

    Stephanie Viers, Lead Customer Success Manager - Construction

  • ShelbyShelby ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 12/02/20

    @Stephanie Viers Thank you! I believe I'll be the one presenting the use case in that webinar 😂

  • @Shelby How funny! Well thank you in advance, and really looking forward to it. We're hoping to start having these user group sessions on a regular cadence since everyone seems to love them.

    Stephanie Viers, Lead Customer Success Manager - Construction

  • BrandonSBrandonS
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    Interested to hear any updates on this topic. I am working through beginning stages of figuring out working relationship between my SmartSheet project schedules and Procore's scheduling tool. Apparently there is a Procore APP - - that can be using to 2 way sync automatically. anyone tried it? Comes from a company called in the chat they said it would cost like $100 per month. seems a little sketchy to me

  • @BrandonS The Cyberco integration is legitimate and several of my customers have used it. They are happy to do demos so you can see how it works. You should be able to request one on the website, or I can connect you with someone.

    Stephanie Viers, Lead Customer Success Manager - Construction

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