Countifs challenge using three conditions

Richard Lee
edited 10/15/20 in Smartsheet Basics

I am trying to fill in on a metric page with a total count of a particular category subject to three conditions. My "Pipeline" Sheet is where the conditions data is being reference. I would like to count each opportunity type (Contract Management, New Site, Category expansion, etc.), per Sales Rep name (John, Kathy, Bill) and only if the Opportunity is "Open" or (in other words Active and not closed). I added a column in the Pipeline sheet to autofill it as OPEN with an IF statement. Not sure that is needed since I have an "Actual Close Date" column that is blank until the rep assigns it a date.. In the Metrics page I have the Reps Name listed in one of my tables as a label if it makes it easier

to reference that cell with the reps name along with the Opportunity type in the table as well that matches exactly the opportunity type list in the pipeline sheet.

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