Request for Approval - after 1st approval was Declined


I have a simple workflow.

User raises request using online form which goes to an Approver.

The Approver then Declines the request and Requests and Update

The User then completes the update request and resubmits the form.

Question - how do I then trigger a new Approval request with the updated form...??????


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  • Erin Greunke
    Erin Greunke Moderator
    edited 10/16/20

    Hi @Peter Markey !

    Something to consider is that with every new form submission, you'd be adding a new row.

    With that in mind, my first question would be when the User has to go in an update information before "resubmitting the form," are they updating the same row that was initially declined? If so, you might consider using a column to retrigger the approval process instead of a form. For example, you could use either a check box for the User to click that says "Revisions Complete" or a secondary approval column, where the option is "Submit for Review."

    Erin Greunke
    Sr. Program Manager, Smartsheet Beta Programming

  • Peter Markey

    Thanks Erin. I will give that a go.

  • Peter Markey

    OK - not got this working as yet. I would like that when user is initially declined they are re-presented their original form so they can revise and re-submit. Once done, that goes back to the original approver for them to approve or decline again :(

    I would like the same row that was intially declined to be updated if that is the best practice.

    Thanks, Peter

  • Peter Markey
    Answer ✓

    All Good :)

    Added check box - now works a charm.

    Thanks for the top!