Multiple Emails (Update Webforms)

I have a Smartsheet with around 300 rows that emails out a webform to data providers to request that they update their data on a quarterly basis. So, every quarter, they receive a webform that says 'Please update your data' and they stick whatever needs updating into the webform.

The trigger for the update request is a date column, with the webform going out 2 weeks before the date in the column.

Some people have a single row that needs updating, whilst others have multiple rows. Those with multiple rows used to get a single webform with several identical pages that corresponded to the various rows to be updated. So, they'd enter their data and the button at the bottom of the form would say 'Next' and it would take them to the next page, which would be used to enter data for their next row.

This has changed and now those members of staff with multiple rows are getting a single email per row. This isn't too bad for staff with 2 rows to be updated as they just get the 2 emails, but several staff have 15 rows to be updated, which means they're receiving 15 emails.

Is this an updated process? If not, why would it start doing this? I'm asking because, thanks to the last brilliant update, my name goes out on all the updates, so I'm getting all the flak.

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