How can I retrieve more backups beyond the 1-month?

How can I retrieve more backups beyond the 1-month? I need to retrieve back-ups from our entire workspace since it was created in July 2018. I am only restricted to the last month of backups. Is there another way to retrieve all historical backups?


  • Don C
    Don C Employee

    Hi Georgialeen,

    We don't currently have the functionality to retrieve historical backups, however please submit an enhancement request here when you have a moment.  

    As noted in our help article at, "Backups are available for download for up to four weeks following the backup date. After four weeks, the links to the backups will become unavailable."

    For future backups, you can consider enabling the Weekly Recurring backup feature that sends an email to the workspace owner automatically when the backups are available.



  • Bee Ng
    Bee Ng ✭✭✭

    Hi Georgialeen,

    As an alternative solution, you could look to use SmartBackup from AcuWorkflow.

    Our solution provides full backup functionality of Smartsheet sheets, including formatting, formulas, cell links, forms, automations, attachments, etc. It also includes an Archive function and an Export function which creates copies of all or only recently changed sheets to your computer.

    All of these functions can be scheduled to run automatically, and there is no limit on the number of times it runs... multiple times a day, three times, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.

    You can find out more or take it for a spin here: