How can I send a reoccurring email with an embedded link to a survey form?

Hello All,

We currently have a survey form that we send twice a week to our team of 20 plus employees. We also have a helper sheet that uses formulas to gather this information into the statistics we want to share. We currently do this manually through gmail, copy and paste the link every time. I am looking for a way to automate this.

I have thought about using the "update request" function, which has a nice reoccurring delivery system, but I would have to update the recipient list in the body of the message each time a new employee came aboard.

In the automation area, the list of recipients can be every one who is shared to the sheet, which is awesome!

To my question - how can I create a date to have this automation run? One option is to have a cell with a current date, and then run a formula for week number. I can base an automation on every updated week number. - this could work, but the automation would go out every Monday. However, I would like this to go out on Tuesday and Thursday in the morning. One idea is a formula that will yield the specific date of the said days of the the week number, but struggling with the formula. Thanks!