How to remove characters from the right?


I'd like to remove characters from the right. What formula would I use?

Example: Person's Name (FL)

I want to remove the (FL) part and have the cell only reflect the person's name.

Thank you!


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  • K L
    K L ✭✭

    @Jenna Bailey Wow, thanks for the fast response, this worked perfectly. Thank you!

  • kgahm7569
    kgahm7569 ✭✭✭

    Hi -- I'm getting an apostrophe attached to a # when I use this. How do I remove that 'hidden' apostrophe>

  • damon.tackett

    This is great! I am wondering if there is a way to do it where the number of characters is variable? sometimes it may be the 5 but maybe other times it is 10?

    Example...the formula above would work for John Jacobs (FL) but from my reading of the explanation if the source was John Jacobs (FL) Tampa I would need to use a formula such as =LEFT(CELLREFERENCE, (LEN(CELLREFERENCE) - 10))

    If my source column has variables that I want to remove to leave just the name clean is there a formula that accomplishes that?

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