Due Date alert

Is there a way to alert a user that he has a due date approaching either through the native app or slack?



  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello Bob

    I can't speak to Slack but you may have a few options in Smartsheet. If you wanted a weekly, monthly, etc notice to go out regardless of the exact due date, you can do this in Automation using 'Alert Someone' and trigger 'when a Date is reached'. Pick a start date. In the Frequency, select Custom and you'll have options to schedule a reoccurring task.

    Alternatively, with a helper column and the REMIND SOMEONE automation routine, you can specify number of days prior to due date, for example 14 days prior. The helper column must be a DATE column. Using the example of 14 days prior, add this formula in the helper column:

    =[Due Date]@row - 14

    This will populate the helper column with a date that is 14 days prior to the Due Date. If you wanted Workdays only so that 2 weeks was really 10 working days, use this formula in the helper column:

    =Workday([Due Date]@row, -10)

    My 14 days (or 10 days working days) was only an example - you can make it whatever you like. Also, make sure to change the [Due Date] column name to whatever your actual Due Date column name is.

    With the helper column set, create a REMINDER automation routine. Trigger this routine off 'When a Date is Reached' and select the Helper Date column you just created.

    If you are also tracking task completion in your sheet, consider adding a condition to both of the above routines to only send if the task was not completed - so not to bother someone that had already completed their task.

    I hope this helps,


  • Thiara Perez
    edited 02/08/24

    @Kelly Moore Hi Kelly, this is a bit late but this answer may be exactly what I was looking for. I just have a question so I can understand the differences between these options.

    1- picture below: this how I initially had reminder automation saved, but it was sending reminders daily. Why? I thought the conditions would make it so that the reminder only goes out IF the date is in the next 30 days, even if the automation runs daily.

    2- picture below: this is how I have it set up now: how is this different from the first one? should I add a condition that says "where due date is in the next 30 days" or is how it is now enough?

    And lastly, how can I make it so that the reminder received includes ONLY the row that meets the criteria? For example, Dani has 10 rows of tasks assigned, but only 2 are due in the next 30 days. I'd like for the email to include only those 2 tasks, not all 10 of them. Is this possible?

    I have it set up as above hoping that I can do this without using helper columns. Unless, you recommend using helper columns is the best approach.

    Thank you SO much!


  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Thiara Perez

    The difference between my workflow and yours is "in the next 30 days". This doesn't mean in 30 days it means anytime in the next 30 days. Day 5 is in the next 30 days. Day 29 is in the next 30 days, etc. Because I like the flexibility of setting the number of days for exactly what I want it to be, I typically have a helper column that is either a duration, so it is counting days from one date to another, or if that duration is unchanging, I might convert it to a checkbox. Either option allows me to make my conditions specific enough that only the rows that exactly match the conditions are triggered.

    Your picture #2 says to run the workflow on the row once where it is exactly 30 d before the due date and only if Completion is blank and response is blank. I think this is the one you want to use.

    Does this explain the difference?


  • Hi @Kelly Moore wow, I get it now, this is SO helpful, thank you so much! I am new to Smartsheet so I greatly appreciate this. I doubt my reminders will change so I think the last picture should work for me.

    Now, what about the email reminder including *just* the rows that meet the 30-day criteria? If person A has 5 tasks but only 2 are due in 30 days, is it possible to add just those 2 tasks to the body of the reminder email so they can see exactly the ones due in 30 days?