Strategic Plan Implementation

Morgan Frost
Morgan Frost ✭✭✭
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Hello Higher Ed peers,

Does anyone have experience with Strategy Execution? We are implementing our Seattle University 2020-2025 Strategic Plan and I'm looking for other schools who have used Smartsheet in a similar endeavor. Most of the Strategic Planning resources I'm finding are for the "creation" of the plan/vision. But we have the plan (5 vision level goals) and now we are executing. We aim to support the various working groups (currently 4) with coordination, change management, project management, and effectiveness tracking. I am especially interested in seeing dashboards and metrics if you have some!

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  • Tyson Dickman

    Hi Morgan, 

    I am glad you reached out to the Higher Ed community with your question because this is a good use case for Smartsheet!  

    I know you are looking to hear from other members who may be using Smartsheet to execute on their strategic initiatives, but I thought I would jump in and mention the Strategic Planning template set that is available in the Solution Center. It has the components that you are looking for and would allow you to enter in the plan goals and details that you have already created.  These pre-built templates provide a flexible framework that you can use to build a robust solution with confidence and in a shorter amount of time than you might from scratch. They also can give you some great ideas for what is possible!  

    Thank you for your post!