Reconciling across two sheets


Hi everyone.

We have 2 sheets that we're using for employee covid health verifications.

Sheet 1 is completed by the managers and shows whether an employee is expected to be on site on a given day. Rows are employee names, columns are dates with multi-select choice of site 1, site 2, remote, or unavailable (they can multi-select site 1 and site 2 if they are going to both).

Sheet 2 is populated by a form that the employee needs to fill out every time they are scheduled to be on site - verifying that they don't have any covid symptoms. Each row populates with the employee name, then columns are date (also entered on the form) and a yes/no (yes I'm healthy, no I'm not).

I've been manually comparing these two sheets for 7 months now for 100 employees. There HAS to be a way to generate a report or populate a third summary sheet or conditionally format Sheet 1 based on the input from the form.

End goal, I need to be able to see that Employee A was scheduled on site today but didn't fill out the temperature form.

All suggestions are appreciated! I'm not a Smartsheet expert (yet!) 😀