Daylight Saving Ended ... and auto tracked times from past are now off by 1 hr

Hello! Our auto-generated time input from a SS form updated all entries prior to end of daylight saving to reflect -1 hr.

For example, an input time from last week was 5:55 am, but today (after daylight saving ended) reflects 4:55 am.

Is there a way to retain the auto generated login times to reflect actual time rather than updated time?


  • Hi @Training,

    I can see that you've reached out to the Support Team on this and that they have confirmed that the behavior you're experiencing with mismatched timestamps due to Daylight Saving Time ending has been logged as a Bug. As Support noted, we haven't been provided with a timeframe for when this issue will be resolved but our teams are actively investigating this and hoping to roll out a fix as quickly as possible.



  • Amanda P
    Amanda P ✭✭✭

    @Training @Ben Goldblatt does anyone know if this BUG has been fixed. my autogenerated time stamps changed by one hour forward. i have some formulas in place to calculate time and this jump has really messed things up. does this happen fall and spring?