February Release Highlights

Shaine Greenwood
Shaine Greenwood Employee
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Our new release focuses on Card View improvements with lanes by assigned user, Contact List column improvements that make your important contacts easier to select, as well as number formatting and international currency improvements.

Note that the referenced Help Center article updates will be available on February 12th, 2017.

Let’s take a look at these new features:

  • Card View Lanes by Assigned User—See what’s assigned to people in Card View by lane and reassign cards by dragging them to different lanes. Details on this are available in our article on Using Card View to Visualize Your Project.

  • Preferred Contact Values—Keep your important contacts at the top of the Contact List column dropdown to more easily assign tasks. Check out our article on Column Types for details.

  • Numbers and Currency Improvements—Smartsheet handles currency and number formatting a little more elegantly. Examples including detecting and preserving leading zeros, and using locale-appropriate thousandths and decimal separators (based on a customer’s personal settings). If needed, you can Adjust Your Personal Settings. 

An overview of new features, plus a list of bugs fixed in this release, will be publicly available later this week on our Release Notes site:https://www.smartsheet.com/release-notes

You can try out these new features in Smartsheet today!


  • How do I reverse the new currency formating.  All our sheets now show the cells formatted as currency are now cluttered with the country prefix.  Instead of a simple $ sign it is now CA$.  I need it removed in all our sheets or to be able to reformat all currency cells to 2 decimal # in one step!.


  • Daniel Stein
    Daniel Stein Employee
    edited 02/14/17

    Hi Skip,


    The country symbols will only appear in front of currencies that don't match your own country in Personal Settings.


    I would recommend that you go to Account --> Personal Settings and make sure your Language (Country) setting is set to a Canadian setting like "English (Canada)". This will cause the "CA" to disappear when you view your sheets.


    Feel free to let us know if more questions come up.

    Best regards,