Is there a way to get the Proof function active in the Dashboard?

Hello All,

I have embedded the card view of my sheets into the dashboard directly but we are not able to access the Proof function. A message pops up saying m"Proofing is not Available". I have searched through all of the settings and I can't find a way to make the function available. Has anyone figured out a way to make it active?

Thank you,

Johnathon S.


  • Leslie R
    Leslie R Employee
    edited 11/13/20

    Hello @John Sisounthone,

    After testing the behavior of embedding a published sheet with Proofing, I was able to confirm that Proofing cannot be used within a published item. I can understand how this would be beneficial. If possible, you may want to consider submitting an Enhancement Request for our development team to consider it for future development.

    As an alternative, you can create a shortcut widget that will redirect to the sheet where the Proof is stored so anyone wanting to view or edit the Proof can by clicking on the shortcut widget. Please keep in mind that only viewers who are shared to the sheet will be able to access the sheet when clicking on the widget.

    I hope this information helps with designing your dashboard!