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Export comments based on date criteria with primary as label

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts


  1. 1. Ability to filter comments by date range for export - for example today's comments associated with the rows on a specific report
  2. 2. Ability to display primary field as a label in the exported comments


We use smartsheets to manage tickets.  When we hold a meeting, the above output would essentially be the meeting notes.  I noticed the exported comments use row numbers as labels, not the primary.  The row number is essentially useless in this context.


I am familiar with the sheet row comments feed.  This is very close to what I am looking for  - but it appears I cannot export multiple comments from this tool.


  • Hello Max,


    There isn't a way to filter comments by date or use the Primary column value as a title/label when exporting but I've added your vote for these features to our enhancement request list for further consideration.


    We appreciate your input!

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