Dynamic dates


I just read and commented on a question on dynamic dates from 2018. Hoping this has since been added to the product

I have an immediate need to have all related dates update when I change the dates of of tasks and dependencies.

Example, Milestone 1 will be delayed by 1 week, so I update the due date to 1 week later. I need for the dependent dates of all impacted other milestones and tasks to be automatically updated to be pushed out by 1 week.




  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Jody Odom

    If all of the following dates are dependent, linking up to this top milestone, then when you adjust the date for this milestone task it will automatically push out all of the following dates that are dependent on it.

    Here are two screen captures of an example sheet with Dependencies.

    1. Original date with Milestone on the 13th. Tasks 2 is dependent on the Milestone (row 2) and Task 3 is dependent on Task 2 (row 3).

    2 . This means that when I change the Milestone date to 20th of Nov instead of the 13th, the following tasks adjust automatically:

    You can read more about dependencies in our Help Center article, here.



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