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Sharing reports with free users - content not populating..?

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From admin users in our paid team account (based in the office), I am sharing reports with free users (in the field). 


Up until recently this has worked flawlessly. As of a few days ago, the free users can still see the reports that is being shared with them - but no content is populating.


I've tried deleting their access and re-sharing, setting their access level to every level available (was previously working when set to "Editor - can share"), and even creating a brand new free account - to no avail. The reports share just fine, but none of the content will populate.




I've reached out to support, but both numbers I've been able to find (844-324-2360 & 855-824-2221) route to a company called "Integra" and there is only an option for leaving a VM if you know the 10-digit number you're calling. 


I've sent in an email but have not received any sort of reply or acknowledgement.


As an annual-paying customer, it is ridiculous that I don't have a line into support. This issue is currently costing us $$; my guys out in the field cannot efficiently cooridinate their efforts.




  • Vaidya

    Whenever reports doesn't get populated, my experience has always been that the user doesn't have permission to the base sheet based on which the report is generated.


    For Example if I have Sheet 1 and I have created Report 1 based out of Sheet 1 and if I give Report 1 access to users - then they can see Report 1 but cannot see the data till they get view access atleast to Sheet 1. 

    Hope this helps

  • Brad Jones
    Brad Jones ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    There is a phone number for paying customers on the Team level and above.  The numbers you have listed are not the correct lines.  I will not include it here in the forum, but i promise you it is there for you.  I only had 3 paid team members and I had a support line and they answer most of the time.

    Try emailing the account rep that helped you set up the account.  They should be able to get you the right number.


    Also, Vaidya is right.  If the base sheet permissions were changed (perhaps by moving the sheet from one workspace to another) then the report will not populate correctly.

  • TJ-Webfoot

    Brad and Vaidya .. you're both right! I've only recently starting using SmartSheets - inheirited the lions share of the admin responsibilities from my predecessor without much instruction. 


    But, I was able to get a hold of someone in support which confirmed what both of you are saying - they need access to the underlying sheets that feed the reports (for some reason, their permissions just disappeared overnight), and I had the "wrong"  number for support. 


    Thanks for the help everyone!

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