Trigger update request if somebody other than me post a comment


I'd like to build a ticketing system where requestor and administrator can communicate using comment to trace the conversation.

  • Requestor uses a form to create a ticket to administrator but doesn't access the sheet itself.
  • As new entry is created by the form, Administrator then provide comment for the requestor. This new comment triggers update request which is sent to the Requestor (indicated by field of 'created by' - a system generated column).
  • Requestor replies to Administrator by adding comment using Update request form.

The issue that I have here is that because Update Request is triggered by any new comment, requestor's own comment also triggers Update Request back to him/her - which is confusing.

Is there a way to trigger an update request based on new comment, but not when the requestor is the one placing the comment?

Thank you


  • Aravind GP
    Aravind GP ✭✭✭

    Hi Jose,

    Currently, no. Since the automation trigger is going to be where a comment is added or changed to send to a contact list column. However, what you're looking for makes sense and will be a good addition to the feature. You can submit an enhancement request for this through the link -





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