VLOOKUP to return value

I am trying to return a value in a sheet using data from one other sheet. Look up whether there is anything entered in the 3rd column OEM License Agreement. If true then return the Company Name, column 1. This is what I wrote:

=VLOOKUP({00 CF/CI OEM-Fab Agreements [MASTER] Range 4}3,{00 CF/CI OEM-Fab Agreements [MASTER] Range 4}1:is not blank) but it's not working.


  • I would try using index/match vs. the vlookup formula. If you can give me more details I could help you.

  • Tim_Simmons
    Tim_Simmons ✭✭✭
    edited 11/17/20

    I agree, match / Index would be better.

    Or alternatively add an additional column within the reference sheet that returns a value if the column is blank, and then run the search value for the VLOOKUP off the new column created, completely removing the need to use ISBLANK within the VLOOKUP Formula. With the Column formula option, you can even make sure that it is always populated.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I'm still learning Smartsheet and am not proficient. Based on my initial question above, can you provide a formula sample?

    Thank you!

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