The best way to build a portfolio using template set?

Hello - I'm pretty new to smartsheet, but I'd like to start setting up our 2021 project portfolio for our team. What is the best place to start? Should I copy the project folder for each project and start populating? Am I required to use the project intake form (doesn't really apply to our process)?

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  • Hello!

    Let me do my best to describe our process!

    Our projects have 2 inputs - quality events that require corrective actions or planned continuous improvement.

    All CI projects are sanctioned at the start of the year, with few changes.

    I would like to cover change planning, change execution, post-change tasks and effectiveness in each project plan.

    With the template, I'm just curious if ignoring the project intake sheet would be a massive mistake, as it may populate items at the portfolio level that I'm unaware of right now. I could always enter all the projects as approved too.

    I'm just not clear what the function of the intake form is and how it interacts with the project metadata sheet in the individual projects.



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