subsequent approval workflow when a customer makes changes to an update request

I need a subsequent approval workflow to run

when a customer makes changes to an update request. As an example:

Customer: Submits form. Approval workflow is triggered.

Reviewer: declines request. Update request workflow is triggered.

Customer: makes edits via the update request. Resubmits. NEW APPROVAL WORKFLOW IS TRIGGERED (this is what I need).


I've tried two separate workflows:

1st for the initial request (Acceptance Request): an approval workflow is triggered when a row is created.

2nd for the resubmittal request (Acceptance Resubmittal): SHOULD be triggered only when the customer checks a box in the update request answering the question "Is this a resubmittal?" (column title)(checkbox column). I've also tried reformatting the column to a single drop down so that when the customer selects "Yes", this workflow should be triggered (as shown in the screenshot).

No matter what I try, the 2nd workflow is always triggered when the reviewer declines the request in the first workflow.