DataMesh - Renaming Columns

Giles Magee
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My apologies if this has already been asked and I simply could not find the answer.

I am new to using DataMesh and am testing it at the moment. When you set up a Config, you obviously select the Lookup columns in both the Source and Target sheets. Now, while it shouldn't happen, if one of those columns were to be renamed in either the Source or Target sheets, the Config then fails to run with the error message:

"lookup column '[Column name] is missing with (source/target) sheet '[Sheetn Name]'"

My question is, can Smartsheet either stop the "Rename Column" function on columns which have DataMesh dependencies and if so, where do I find that setting?

If not, can it display a warning message where a DataMesh reference of this kind exists?

I hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered.

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